CHL held meeting on epidemic prevention and control

In order to do a good job in the university's epidemic prevention and control work in a scientific, accurate and orderly way, improve the ability of epidemic prevention and control and disposal, and build a solid defense line of campus epidemic prevention and control. On 8th April, CHL held a special meeting on epidemic prevention and control in the lecture hall of CHL, Students of all grades attend the meeting.

According to the instructions of the university, the meeting conveyed the requirements of the university's epidemic prevention and control work in the near future. The counselor told the students about the current situation of the epidemic in China and the four transmission chains of the epidemic in the province, hoping that all students could have a clear understanding of the severe situation, improve the awareness of epidemic prevention and control, enhance the ability of epidemic prevention and control, do their best to complete online teaching and learning, and actively cooperate with the work of the university and the college.

In addition, all grades of the College will further implement the work of special classes for Party Members.This meeting pointed out that the beginner's mind such as torch, such as rock, the more critical time the beginner's mind, character, all party comrades must be to improve the political stance, dare to bear, as, play a good role in fighting forts and the cutting edge exemplary role of party members, guarantee security and solve the problem of all kinds of difficulties, and partial students coagulation hearts meet force win epidemic prevention and control to be completed. At the same time,thismeeting urged students to actively cooperate with party members and comrades to tide over the recent difficulties of the epidemic.

Finally,thismeeting stressed that, in order to maintain our common campus security and stability and consolidate the epidemic prevention achievements, all students must fulfill the general principle of "no entry, no exit" during the special period, and show the good style of CHL’s students.