The College of Humanities and Law (CHL) was founded in November 2019 on the basis of the former college of Political Science and Law, Combining the undergraduate program of international education of Chinese language from College of International Education Exchange, and Humanities and Social science education base. Now CHL has three faculties: Law, Public Administration and international education of Chinese language, MPA center (ProfessionalMaster'sDegree in Public Administration), Humanities and Social science education base.

Now CHL has seventy-three staffs, including six professors, thirteen associate professors, sixteen master supervisors, thirty-four teachers with doctoral degrees, two doctoral candidates and four visiting professors at home and abroad. CHL Currently has two new Century Talents of the Ministry of Education, one Shanxi Province Top Talent of Universities and colleges, two Shanxi Province Young Academic Leaders, one Shanxi Province 333 New Century Academic technology leader, two Shanxi Province 131 leading talents, and four young teachers selected in the first batch of "Three Jin Talents" support program of Shanxi Province.

CHL adheres to deepening education and teaching reform, constantly optimizing talent training programs, and vigorously improving the quality of talent training, providing strong intellectual support for national economic construction and social progress. For many years, the passing rate of law major in CHL has remained stable at more than three times the national average. The Graduate school admission rate of all the students of CHL is more than 25%, including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Nankai University, China University of Political Science and Law, etc. The employment rate of graduates remains above 95%.

CHL strengthens the leading role of discipline construction, helps the construction of "double first-class" of TYUT, increases the strength of talent introduction, promotes the trend of research and research, and makes new breakthroughs in scientific research innovation. In recent years, CHL lectures have presided over one National Natural Science Foundation Project, five National Social Science Foundation projects, seven humanities and social science projects of the Ministry of Education, and dozens of provincial scientific research projects and crossing research projects. CHL lectures have published more than 100 papers in core journals at home and abroad, such as Chinese Social Science, Management World, Chinese Administration, Environmental Earth Sciences, etc. Many of his papers have been reprinted in full by Chinese Social Science Digest, Xinhua Digest, etc, and published more than 20 academic monographs. Some lectures have won the "Excellent Achievements in Social Science of Shanxi Province", the first and second prizes of "Hundred Departments (Part) Project" of Shanxi Province, and Some lectures have won the honorary titles of "Basic Teaching Skills Competition of Young and Middle-aged Teachers of Shanxi Province" and the first prize of "Wonderful Lesson" of Shanxi Province.

CHL lectures hold important positions in many provincial institutes and enjoy high academic and professional popularity in the province. Close cooperation with relevant party and government organs, judicial system, enterprises, media and other social services in Shanxi Province, Social services were effective.

CHL The college has won honorary titles such as "Civilized and Harmonious Unit of the University", "Advanced Unit of comprehensive Social Management of the University", "Advanced Grassroots Party Organization of the University", "Five-star Party Committee" and "five-star Labor Union". CHL lectures and students have achieved excellent results in the major sports events and major activities held by TYUT.

In November 2019, the university carried out a major adjustment to CHL, further integrated the discipline development platform, strengthened the development advantages of the college, injected new vitality and provided new opportunities for the new development and new leap of CHL. All the lectures and students of CHL will continue to adhere to the school motto of "realistic and innovative", adhere to the concept of "Express truth with Writing, Know politics and pursue law ", and strive to achieve the established goal of distinctive characteristics and first-class class of the same kind.